Q3 2018 Leadership Summit

Q2 2018 Leadership Summit

2019 Ministry Leadership Roster

Trustee Board

Elder Abraham Williams, Jr. - Chairman and Executive Pastor

Elder Sean Cartwright - Vice Chairman

Members (Not Pictured)  - Sister China Turner, Dr. L.D. Bennett, Sister Yvette Newsom, Sister Valinda Gardner, Deacon Joey Bennett, Sr.

Marriage Enrichment Ministry

Minister Solomon & Sister Valinda Gardner


Pastor Demetrius K. Samuel & Lady Catherine Samuel

Youth Department

TBD  - Youth Leader


Deacon Board  &  Brotherhood

Deacon Joey Bennett - Deacon Board President

Deacon Dominque Dinkins - Brotherhood President

Women's Department , Mother's Board and Missionary Circle

Lady Catherine Samuel - Women's Department President

Mother Odessa Brayboy - Mother's Board President

Evangelist Brenda Knox - Missionary Circle President